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Dog walking 6. Dark and cold.

I am very late with the blog this month. My intention has been to get each blog out no more than two weeks after month end. This month it has been more like 4 weeks. Embarrassing really. I am trying to come up with a good excuse for my tardiness but honestly nothing comes to mind.

metal sculpture of a zebra
Week 23

A strange lethargy has come over me in the last while. I blame the lockdown really. Well not being locked down as such but all the uncertainty that goes with that. I have been at a bit of a loss as to where I should put my energy, the little I seem to have. Netflix, Youtube and reading have been some consolation. I was sure that with all the spare time I would do a lot of meditation and self improvement type things but it hasn't happened with quite the enthusiasm I hoped. I meditate every day but with some reluctance when the mornings are cold, and it has been cold

View from Langerman Kop looking towards Linksfield Ridge
Week 24

Cold and dark. It's a good thing we have dogs, they don't seem to suffer from depression and they don't care about the cold. They wake up and start jumping around and playing and we are left with no choice but to put the leashes on them and head out for the morning walk. You would think it would get boring walking through the same suburb every morning but it doesn't. There is always something new to see. Walls fall down and walls get built. Trees get chopped down and others grow. This month a metal zebra appeared on the street, really freaked out our youngest dog. Very amusing. Walking dogs in the morning is a very special routine and great way to start a day.

Dog walking early morning in the mist
Week 25

With the economy so slow at the moment and having spare time we have been walking a lot further than normal, even venturing onto Langerman Kop for the views. On Saturdays when roads are quiet we manage over 6km and still have time on our hands for other projects when we get home. I decided to learn how to make sourdough bread. It was harder than I expected but eventually I achieved some success and then realised I should learn how to make jam. That was actually quite easy. Now I am looking for an effective diet, turns out loads of warm sourdough bread popping out the oven at regular intervals has a downside. Lucky track pants are elasticated.

Early morning dog walk in Kensington Johannesburg
Week 26

Best wishes go out to all of you in these very difficult times. Change can be scary and uncertainty is almost always accompanied by feelings of anxiety. Let's be kind and gentle to each other, why make things worse with a bad attitude.


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