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Dog Walking 2, security.

Last month I paid a visit to Emoyeni Retreat Centre in the Magaliesberg, a beautiful place well worth a visit. Over a light supper I mentioned to one of the guests that I was busy with this blog/photographic project based on our morning dog walk and how it had caused me to look very closely at Kensington, my home. As happens in South Africa we quickly found ourselves talking about security.

Security cameras and razor wire
Week 5

I am not the best person to talk to about security. I take precautions but I don't really expect anything to happen to me. Looking at the various fences, walls, gates, cameras, spikes, warning signs, lights, razor wire and such it is very apparent that security is on peoples minds. That is to be expected, crime is definitely a thing.

Razor wire, electric fence and full moon
Week 6

The person I was chatting with is from Europe. He is married to a South African woman and has residency here so he is involved and is not just an outsider. He does however have a perspective that differs from those of us who have lived here our entire lives. Speaking with him I had the realisation that he, and myself to a degree, view the many security measures on view as representative of a certain level of paranoia. In other words, of not being based in reality, but is that accurate?

Week 7

Perhaps most of the security measures I see on my morning walks are as a result of an incident. A criminal jumps a low wall and robs a house so the wall is raised. A few years later it happens again and the wall is raised again. Another criminal gains access and this time broken glass or spikes are added. Then comes razor wire, electric fencing, security cameras, beams and so on. You get the idea. The question, I suppose, is do we add security in anticipation of an incident or as a result of an incident?

Dog and person behind wall with bars and electric fencing
Week 8

Someone has been running through our back yard and my neighbour has been robbed. We have decided to add to the palisade fencing on both sides of our property. That will explain on which side of the argument we fall. How about you? Do you add to your security before something happens or after? Are you afraid to walk around your neighbourhood?

If not perhaps we will see you on the walk. I'm the guy with the camera.

Martin Kristiansen


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