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Dog Walking 1

Working as a photographer can be a strange life. Some days I am self employed and others it seems that I have slipped abruptly into the ranks of the unemployed. Then the phone rings or an email turns up and hey, I'm employed again. Always exciting.

The lack of routine can be challenging. People love to say how much they hate routine but imagine every day going to work in a different direction and at a different time. When your work life has so little routine you come to realise how important routines can be.

Over the years I have established little personal routines. Perhaps my favourite is the morning dog walk. My partner and I walk our three dogs every day. First there was Haley a lovable Jack Russel. Then came Jasper a rescue from Ridgeback Rehab and most recently Tilley, also from Ridgeback Rehab.

Dog walking in the Johannesburg suburb of kensington
Week 1

In winter we walk in total dark, wrapped up in layers of clothing, in summer its T shirts and shorts. We witness all the changes, close up. Leaves falling in autumn and avenues of Jacarandas in spring. I really enjoy it.

This year I have decided to carry a little Sony RX100 point and shoot camera on the walks. The plan is to create a personal document what we come across. The repetitive nature of it and the constant changes. The weekly and yearly cycles as seasons change and the business of suburbia goes around and around in one of Africas biggest suburbs(originally I had written that Kensington was Africas biggest suburb, that is incorrect). Every week I will post a single image that represents that week to me.

Rainy summer morning in the Johannesburg suburb of kensington
Week 2
View of Hillbrow Tower and Ponte from Kensington Johanesburg
Week 3
Avenue of trees on a walk in Kensington Johannesburg
Week 4

Fibre Optic and other overhead cable in Kensington Johannesburg South Africa
Week 5

Welcome to Kensington.


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